Fragrant Plants

Fragrance is perhaps one of the most important, but least considered elements of a garden. We are always focused on the other obvious considerations of how plants will fit visually into the plan we have in mind, on height, spread, color and texture, and seldom consider the enjoyment and enrichment that can be added by choosing plants that are fragrant.

Fragrance can effect us in profound ways. It can calm our mood, open our hearts, and trigger memories that transport us back in time. We offer many favorite and best loved fragrant plants such as a nice assortment of Jasmines, Gardenias, Roses and Fragrant Lilies.

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ODORATA Ixora Rare Fragrant White Semi Tropical Plant

ODORATA Ixora Rare Fragrant White Semi Tropical Plant

Ixoras  are attractive medium sized tropical shrubs that repeat bloom almost year round  in tropical climates.  The most common colors...


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