Ground Covers

Groundcover plants are those wonderful low growing types that have the remarkable ability to just pull everything in the garden together. They are the ones you turn to when you have an ugly bare spot, an embankment, or an awkward point of transition.

Generally, ground cover can be any low growing plant that with a thick, dense growth habit that will, in fact, cover the ground and hide a multitude of flaws and problems. This can take the form of something lush and solid green or a wild profusion of flowers or woven tapestry of both.

Ground cover isnít just a cheap way of covering problem spots, however. Utilizing low cost fillers can maximize the garden budget while adding lots of color pop and continuity, discourage weed growth, conserve water and fertilize, and provide erosion protection.

Youíll find a large selection of plants suited for varying light and growing conditions, including some that can serve dual purposes of being used to climb fences and trellises or as ground covers.

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