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Red Firespike Plant


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Botancial Name: Odontonema strictum

Common Name: Red Firespike Plant

Plant Family Acanthaceae
Mature Size 6' to 8' x 6'
Growth Habit Large Upright Shrub
Bloom Color Red
Bloom Form Spike of florets
Bloom Time Late fall, winter
Water Needs Moderate
Light Needs Light Shade
Zone 9, 10, 11
Key Features Blooms in shade, winter bloomer
Suggested Uses Mixed shade perennials









About Odontonema strictum - Red Firespike Plant

Red Firespike Plant is native to the open first stage forest areas of Central America. There are differences of opinion as to whether Firespike is truly a Florida Native Plant or whether it escaped cultivation to become established in disturbed hammock areas. Regardless of which opinion is truly the correct one, Firespike makes a striking addition to semi tropical landscapes.

It is versatile and easy to grow. Red Firespike Plant will grow in full sun, but looks it's best in areas with dappled filtered light. This colorful shrub is evergreen in frost free areas, and dies back to the ground and resprouts in Zones 8 & 9.

Among it's best features is not only producing showy flowers that hummingbirds and butterflies love in the shade, but also in the fall and winter. The flowers are showy sprays of bright red double lipped tubes that wave above the main body of the plant on tall spikes. Frequently it is in bloom during the Holiday Season.

It's a great choice for shaded mixed perinneal beds, and an essential for butterfly and hummingbird gardens.

It grows into a large multi stemmed shrub that thickens quickly as it puts up new shoots from the root system. The shiny, dark green leaves are slightly oblong and arranged symmetrically. The leaves are slightly ruffled along the margins with long pointed tips.

Aside from providing supplemental irrigation until Firespike is well established, it requires little maintenance. Feed a good quality slow release plant food once yearly in the early spring. It can be pruned lightly after blooming to encourage a bushy shape.


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