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Heirloom Rose - Pink - Old Blush or Old Bush


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Well rooted, mature starter size plant approx 6" to 8" tall shipped in a 4" diameter plastic pot

Unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping

Botantical Name: Rosa chinensis

Common Name: Heirloom Rose 'Old Blush'

Other Common Names: Heirloom Rose 'Old Bush'

Plant Family Rosaceae
Mature Size 6'x6'
Growth Habit Full Upright Bush
Bloom Color Clear medium pink
Bloom Form Loose double
Bloom Time Perpetual
Water Needs Moderate until well established
Light Needs Full Sun to Light Shade
Zone 7,8, 9, 10, 11
Key Features Long bloom cycle, fragrant
Suggested Uses Hedge, Potted, Specimen










About Heirloom Rose - Old Blush or Bush Pink:

Old Blush or Old Bush is a very old heirloom, antique, own root China Rose. It is considered an Old Garden Rose or 'ancient rose', going back to the 1700's and possibly earlier. It is properly named Old Blush, but is frequently referred to as 'Old Bush' in the south. Every grandmothers' house that I ever visited as a child in Florida, Georgia and Alabama had one of these growing. It is a legend among rose enthusiasists that it is this rose that inspired Thomas Moore's famous poem 'The Last Rose of Summer'. I believe it could be true, as this rose certainly continues to flower reliably when others are bare.

It is a very hardy repeat bloomer and is resistant to foliar disease. It is self curing as leaves that do spot up in hot humid weather, or after rain, will self clean and fall away and new healthy growth will emerge. Old Blush is hardy to at least zone 6, but might need to be protected in colder areas. Old Blush also holds well to through summer heat and humidity and is suitable for tropical gardens as well. It will reach heights of 6 ft or more. I keep mine pruned to about 3 ft., letting it rise to 4 ft. when in is flowering and then dead heading and taking in back to the size I prefer when I prune away spent flowers.

Heirloom Rose - Old Blush or Old Bush is a perpetual and prolific bloomer, and may have been one of the first to bring forth this characteristic. The flowers are not as elegant and 'prissy looking' (as my mama would say) as hybrid tea roses, but what they lack in form they make up for in color, quantity, fragance and reliability. Looking out the window at this bush that is nearly always covered with multi hued pink flowers is source of constant relaxation and pleasure. Especially since they appear like clockwork with so little effort on my part. I have not found and easier or more rewarding rose to grow.


For the best results with Heirloom Rose Old Bush or Old Blush:

  • Well draining fertile soil is preferred, but this rose will tolerate a wide range of soil types
  • Locate in full sun to dappled shade
  • Provide supplemental irrigation until well
  • Prune for shape and to limit height frequently late spring to mid summer
  • North of Zone 8, Mulch heavily in late fall
  • Feed a good quality bloom boosting plant food twice yearly

Heirloom Rose - Old Bush 0r Old Blush

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