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Fragrant Radermachia Kunming Dwarf Jasmine Tree Peep Thong


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4 Inch Pots -

One (1) Mature, well rooted starter size plants, growing and shipped in a 4 inch plastic pot, unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.

The Dwarf Jasmine Tree (Radermachera Kunming) is native to Thailand where it is also known as Peep Thong, and is frequently sold in Australia as Summerscent. It is a somewhat rare cultivar that is seldom found in commercial garden centers. Although commonly called Jasmine Tree this plant is not a jasmine nor a true jasmine relative. The scent of the highly perfumed pale pink and yellow trumpet shaped flowers is also not at all jasmine like, but rather more like a rich, expensive, fruit noted perfume or cologne.

It is a moderately fast growing large tree-like shrub with a dense, upright, branching habit and very pretty deep green, glossy foliage. It is closely related to a well known foliage plant called China Doll, and is frequently misidentified as such.

The flowers of the Dwarf Jasmine Tree begin to emerge as large fat buds in the early to mid spring and continue until the night time temperatures begin to fall out of the 60's in the Fall. The flowers are medium-sized open trumpets that open in delicate, almost transparent petals of pale pastel pink, that fade to white as they age with striking golden yellow striped throats. Once the bloom cycle begins there is generally some combination of older flowers and coming buds throughout most of the warm season.

The fast dense habit of the Dwarf Jasmine Tree make it well suited for large hedges, boundary, screen or barrier mass plantings, or as an accent or specimen plant. It's small mature size, dense growth, and trimmability also make it well suited as a median or urban street tree. It can be grown as a large potted plant indefinitely, but will eventually need a very large pot.

Direct planting of 4 inch starter size plants is not generally recommended, so for the best results with Radermachia Kunming, we recommend it be repotted and allowed to grow larger before being set into the tropical to subtropical landsacpe.

Once the new pot has filled with the roots and the plant has grown a bit larger, then here are a few hints for growing the Dwarf Jasmine Tree successfully in the landscape in Zones 9B, 10 and 11.

  • Plant in slightly acidic to nuetral soil.
  • Locate in full sun.
  • Supply supplemental irrigation.
  • Feed a good quality slow release bloom boosting fertilize with the initial planting and yearly thereafter.
  • Prune for shape after flowering.
  • Protect from frost and freeze.
Botanical Name Radernachia Kunming
Common Name Dwarf Tree Jasmine, Peep Thong, Summerscent
Plant Family Bignoniaceae
Mature Size 12 to 20 feet
Bloom Color Pink Yellow
Bloom Form Large Open Throated Trumpets
Bloom Time Warm Season
Zone 9B, 10 & 11
Fragrance Intense
Key Features Fragrance, fast growth, low maintenance, showy, long lasting bloom
Suggested Uses Specimen, barrier, screen, urban, median


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