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Heirloom Rose Bush Plant Climbing Mini Red Cascade Gainsville


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The first time i saw this little rose, it was growing wild on an abandoned lot more than 20 years ago.  I have asked people about it over the years and have had it identified by several names, including Tom Thumb, Thumbelina, Sweetheart, Valentine, and The Gainesville Rose.  After further research I now know that it was marketed commercially as Red Cascade in the late 70's.

This is a very resilient and amazing little climbing rose.  Red Cascae is classed as a mini, and I describe it as little because the leaves and blooms are small.  However, it is a fairly agressive climber and will cover a trellis or fence quickly and put on a spectaclular show.

Red Cascade is a perpetual bloomer and bears small blood red thumb size tightly doubled flowers (about 1" across) in heavy clusters that cover it from top to bottom.  It is lightly scented.  It is quick, vigorous growing rose, but the limbs are fine and caney, so it will need some support unless the intended use is as a ground cover.   The plant is strong and sturdy and is disease resistant.  If it gets some spots on the leaves during the dog days of summer they will fall off and healthy ones will bud out when the weather improves without chemical intervention.

It's easy and rewarding to grow and is suitable for many different situations.   Red Cascade works great on a trellis, fence or most any support.  The growth is fine and delicate enough to be used as a hanging basket, or it can be allowed to cover the ground as ground cover and filler.

Available in 4" Pots -

4 Inch Pot - Growing and shipped in a 4" diameter plastic pot.  Rose will be a minimum of about 8 inches tall and unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.

Botanical Name: Rosa chinensis
Common Name Red Cascade, Tom Thumb, Thumbelina, Sweetheart, Valentine, Gainsville Rose
Plant Family Rosacea
Mature Size 6 ft to 10 ft runners
Bloom Color Bright Red
Bloom Form Small tight double
Bloom Time Perpetual
Zone  5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10
Fragrance Light
Key Features Prolific bloom, disease resistant bush
Suggested Uses Specimen, potted, accent, trellis, basket


For the best results with Red Cascade:

  •     Locate in full sun
  •     Plant in well draining fertile soil
  •     Provide supplemental irrigation until well established
  •     Tie young canes to a support and tip often to encourage branching.
  •     Prune for shape after flowering.
  •     Feed a good quality slow release bloom boosting plant food 2 x yearly.
  •     Plant early in the season and mulch heavily in colder climates.






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