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Terrestrial Ground Orchid Yellow Lavender Spathoglottis plicata


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Available Size:  4 Inch Pots - Mature, well rooted starter size plants, growing and shipped in a 4 inch plastic pot, unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.

Spathoglottis plicata is one of several hundred types of Terrestrial Orchids.  This interesting species is native to Southeastern Asia and the Phillipine Islands, and has been a popular and favorite pass-along plants for decades, but seems to have recently been rediscovered as new.

These orchids have very pretty veined, strapped, lily like leaves.  They are bloom in cycles throughout the warm season in tropics and subtropics, and typically in the early Summer and early Fall when grown as potted plants indoors or in colder climates.   There are hundreds of cultivars in a wide variety of colors.  The flowers are born on long stems that wave above the plant and have a classic orchid shape in a miniature form, complete with the small spots and speckles. 

Plicata has wide, deep green, heavily veined strap like leaves and flowers that are vibrant royal purple with softly contrasted pastel yellow, lightly speckled throat.

Terrestrial Orchids do not require the special media and conditions of other epiphyte orchids (ie the ones whose native habit is to grow on the sides of trees in the rain forests).  This class of orchids will do very well planted right into the ground.  They are not finicky or fussy and will quickly naturalize. 

Ground orchids are semi-tropical, and must be protected from freezing temperatures. However, in cold climates they are easy to grow in pots so they can be wintered over indoors. 

These orchids quickly form clumps that can be divided or offshoots can be harvested for more plants.  They are propagated by tissue culture commercially.

  • Plant them in well drained soil, for the best results turn and amend the area with high quality well cured organic compost, dried leaves, and even some small rocks or gravel (although rinse commercial bagged gravel thoroughly to remove dust) to mimic their native environment. 

  • Ground Orchids will grow in full sun, but for the best bloom performance, plant in areas with filtered light, such as under trees or as a second layer planting with larger plants as a back drop (placed to cast shade in the afternoon). 

  • Start them out with a good quality slow release fertilize underneath the roots and then feed periodically with an orchid fertilize or a bloom boosting formula.  For potted plants use good quality commercial potting media and orchid mix combined at about 2/3 potting soil and 1/3 orchid bark. 

  • Heavy watering is essential for best result, but allow the plants to become almost dry in between watering..

Botanical Name Spathoglottis plicata Parsonii
Common Name Ground Orchid
Plant Family Orchidaceae
Mature Size 18 inches x 18 inches
Bloom Color Yellow Lavender
Bloom Form Orchid like
Bloom Time Warm Season
Water Needs Uniformly Moist
Light Needs Best in light shade
Zone 9, 10, 11
Fragrance No
Key Features Exotic, but easy to grow
Suggested Uses Borders, mass planted, mixed beds, shade
Grower Notes Fun and rewarding

Spathoglottis plicata Parsonii - Yellow Ground Orchid

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