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HALLS JAPANESE Honeysuckle Vine Plant Fragrant White Flower


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Honeysuckle is one of the best known and widely grown plants in the United States. It is one of those plants that is almost too easy to grow, as it can outgrow and escape it's confines if not well maintained, and therefore should be grown responsibly. This plant is native to Asia and was introduced into the Americas in the 1800s.

Lonicera japonica a/k/a Japanese, or Hall's Honeysuckle Vine is a woody, hollow stemmed vigorous twining vine that will scamper up, over, and around anything nearby. It's best and general use, is for quick cover for a fence, trellis, archway, or any support. It can also be used as a ground cover, and is a great plant for embankments and other large areas that cannot be easily mowed, as it will quickly grow thick and wild and crowd out weeds.

This plants best feature are the bountiful, beautiful trumpet shaped flowers that smell just heavenly. The fragrance is intense and will waft on the breeze to perfume the air all around. The fragrance is clean and sweet and will draw it hummingbirds and butterflies. The flowers open pure white with a slightly pink underside and fade to yellow. A small black berry follows the flower and provides food for other birds and wildlife, especially deer.

It will grow in almost any soil, is very drought tolerant once it is established, and does not require much care aside from frequent pruning to keep in check.

Available Size:  4 inch Pots - Mature, well rooted starter size plant, growing and shipped in a 4 inch diameter plastic pot.  Plant will be a minimum of about 10 inches tall.  Unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping. 


Botantical Name

Lonceria japonica

Common Name

Japanese or Halls Honeysuckle Vine

Plant Family:


Mature Size:

 20 ft runners

Bloom Color:

Pale pink buds open white and fade to ivory and yellow.

Bloom Form:

Small tubular trumpet shaped in large clusters

Bloom Time:



 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



Water Needs:


Light Needs:

Full sun

Key Features:

 Quick to establish, fragrant, showy, easy to grow

Suggested Uses:

 Trellis, Fence, Arbor, Support, Ground Cover, Erosion Control

We do not recommend direct planting of 4 inch size pots directly into the landscape.  For the best results with Japanese or Halls Honeysuckle Vine repot the starter size into a new pot and allow it to grow larger before setting out.

When the new pot has filled with roots and is ready to be planted, then here are a few hints for successful growing:

  • Plant in well draining, fertile soil
  • Locate in full sun
  • Maintain consistent moisture, but take care not to over water
  • Grow responsibly, keep well pruned and confined.
  • Plant early in the season in cooler Zones.

​This plant is restricted in some areas due to invasiveness concerns.  Please check your local ordinances prior to ordering. 

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