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Climbing Oleander, Rose Allamanda Fragrant Plant Vine


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Available Size: 4" diameter plastic pot, with a plant a minimum of  about 8 inches tall, unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.

Stropanthus gratus, or Poison Dart Vine is a beautiful, fragrant semi tropical scrambling vine that can make a lovely, and interesting addition to the tropical and semi tropical garden, and is a must have for serious tropical collectors. 

Strophanthus gratus grows quickly; sprawling over any and everything in its path with long, flexible, rope like limbs that reach over 10 feet in length in a single season.

It blooms in the mid to late spring in a profusion of perfumed five petaled flowers in soft, muted hues of dusky pink, mauve, and burgundy rose. A deep rose colored corolla rises like a crown from the center of the exotically scented blossoms. The flowers last for a few weeks and permeate the air with rich, heady, exotic, tropical fragrance that reminiscent of roses, and sandalwood. The flowers contrast nicely with the rich, thick,  olive green, leathery textured leaves and ropey stems.

Strophanthus gratus is known by several common names, including Climbing Oleander, Cream Fruit, Dart Vine, Rose Allamanda, Twisted Cord Flower, and Baas Thon. It is native to Africa and has several medicinal and pharmaceutical uses in both folk and modern medicine, including use as a poison for tipping the arrows of darts (hence the common name Dart Vine. Compounds are extracted from the seed that are utilized in the manufacture of modern drugs for treating heart ailments and blood pressure. 

All parts of this vine are considered biologically active, and toxic, so it should be grown responsibly and not placed so that pets or children have access.  Gloves and long sleeves should be worn when pruning and handling pruned debris.

This vine is evergreen in true tropical climates, and enters semi dormancy in the subtropics when the days shorten and nights dip into the 30's. It is considered cold hardy to about 28◦F for short durations.


Botantical Name Strophanthus gratus
Common Name Climbing Oleander, Rose Allamanda, Dart Vine, Twisted Cord Flower, Baan Thon
Plant Family  Apocynaceae
Mature Size  20' to 60'
Growth Habit  Open, sprawling vine like
Bloom Color  Dusky Pinks, Mauve, Burgundy
Bloom Form  5 Petaled with Corolla
Bloom Time  Spring
Water Needs  Consistent moisture
Light Needs  Full sun to dappled shade
Zone  10, 11 (9 with cold protection)
Key Features  Bright, showy bloom, easy to grow, fragrant
Suggested Uses  Trellis, Support

For the best results with Strophanthus gratus, Climbing Oleander or Rose Allamanda:

  • Plant in loose, fertile, well draining soil

  • Locate in full sun or lightly dappled shade

  • Locate so that access by children and pets can be restricted

  • Maintain consistent soil moisture until well established

  • Feed a good quality, slow release, bloom boosting plant food

  • Prune for shape and to contain size after flowering. Avoid skin contact with the sticky, latex, sap.

  • Protect from freezing.



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