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Garlic Vine Ajo Sacha Cydista aequinoctialis Purple 10 Inch Pot


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10 Inch Pot 

One (1) mature, well established palnt, ready to be set out in the landscape where there is no danger of frost or freeze.  Plant will be a minimum of about 18 to 24 inches tall and unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.  Is growing and will be shipped in a 10 inch diameter pot, and secured to a support.  Ships one (1) plant per carton by UPS Ground Service only.  Cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or the Protectorates.

The Purple Garlic Vine or Ajo Sacha is truly a traffic stopper Spring and Fall. My mother has it planted on a fence and people will drive by and knock on her door to ask her what it is and where can they get one. It is covered with trumpet shaped flowers in varying shade of purple that last for several weeks. This vine is commonly called Garlic Vine  because the leaves give off a garlicky odor when they are crushed. It is not an unpleasant smell, and is not noticeable unless the leaf is crushed.

This plant is important and revered in Amazonian shamanism and is under currently under study for medicinal uses in Western Medicine. It is thought to bring good luck.

t is hardy in zones 9-11. It will thrive quite well in zone 8, but must be protected if there are prolonged temps 30 degrees or below. A well established plant will freeze down and sprout back in Zone 8, but must be kept well protected from cold until very well established.  Cold protection is recommended in all Zones until very well established and/or to maintain the best appearance and flowering.

Garlic Vines should be planted into well drained soil in a full sun or light shade spot. It can be grown as a loose flowy bush, but is most attractive on supports, fences, trellises, pergolas, etc. It is a vigorous grower and establishes quickly. Each plant will grow large enough to fill a space 6 ft x 6 ft easily.

Botanical Name Cydista aequinoctialis
Common Name Garlic Vine, Ajo Sacha, Lata
Plant Family Bignoniaceae
Mature Size 10'x10 +
Growth Habit Tendriled Vine
Bloom Color Vivid Purple
Bloom Form Clusters, trumpet shaped
Bloom Time Peak Spring and Fall
Water Needs Moderate until well established
Light Needs Full Sun to Light Shade
Zone 9, 10, 11
Key Features Very Showy Bloom, Easy to grow
Suggested Uses Trellis, Fences, Specimen












For the best results with Purple Garlic Vine:

  • Plant in well draining fertile soil.
  • Locate in full sun to very light shade.
  • Feed a good quality slow release fertilize with the initial planting and twice yearly thereafter in the Spring and Fall.
  • Provide supplemental irrigation until very well established and/or to maintain the best appearance and flowering.
  • Prune after flowering for shape.  Avoid pruning in the early spring and late summer to avoid cutting away limbs where the next blooms are forming.
  • Provide a sturdy support.
  • Protect from frost and freeze.

Plants sold by Emerald Goddess Gardens ™ are intended for use as an ornamental, decorative items only. Many plant species contain compounds that are scientifically validated as biologically active, and should therefore be considered toxic. Emerald Goddess Gardens does not recommended nor endorse the ingestion or any other use of ornamental plants for homeopathic treatments, herbal remedies, spiritual experience enhancement, or recreation.


  • Model: GAR-PPL-VN-10
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Emerald Goddess Gardens

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