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YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW Purple Flowering Shrub Plant 10 Inch Sz


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10 Inch Large Pot - One (1) Large, mature, well established plant, growing and shipped in a 10 inch diameter plastic pot, ready to be set out into the landscape.  Plant will be about 24 inches tall, and may have to be pruned lightly to fit the carton.  Allow extra time for preparation and handling.  Cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or the Protectorates.

This plants common name, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, is derived from the profuse multi hued flowers that grace the full bushy shrub from late spring to early fall.  Appearing simultaneously are the flowers from yesterday (white), the flowers from today (lilac purple),  and those of tomorrow (medium lavender).

The flowers are about 2 inches wide, five petaled and shaped like pansies and appear in clusters of about 8 to 10 multi hued blossoms and are lightly fragrant.

Brunsfelsia Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow begins blooming in the early to mid  Spring and continues to early fall in Zones 9 and South.    The blossom is followed by an inedible berry. 

The plant matures at about 4 to 6 feet, but can be easily  managed at a somewhat smaller size if desired.  The growth habit is open and branching, with bloom being born near the terminal ends of the branches, generally.

Yesterday, Today andTomorrow has been a popular and prized landscape plant throughout the South for decades. The fact that many of those can still be found growing in their original locations, is testament to this plants toughness and long lasting charm.


Plant Family Solanaceae
Mature Size 4 ft to 8 ft x 6 ft
Growth Habit Open Upright
Bloom Color Purple, lavender, white
Bloom Form 5 Petaled Single
Bloom Time Spring & Fall
Water Needs Moderate until well established
Light Needs Full Sun to Light Shade
Zone 9, 10, 11
Key Features Showy Bloom, easy care, interesting colors
Suggested Uses Hedge, accent, mixed perennial
Grower Notes Berry that follows flower is not edible and considered toxic.*











For the best results with Brunsfelsia Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:

  • Plant in well draining, fertile soil.

  • Locate in an area that is lightly shaded in the afternoons.

  • Provide supplemental irrigation until well established, and continue to supplement during the dry season.

  • Feed a good quality bloom boosting fertilize in the Spring and Fall to maximize flower production and color intensity.

  • Protect from freeze.

*Toxicity information generally known within the horticultural trade or gardening circles, if known,  is provided for reference purposes only.  Medical and/or Horticultural experts in the field of study should be consulted for scientifically validated, detailed or emergency information. 

This plant is intended for use as an ornamental, decorative item only.  Emerald Goddess Gardens does not recommend, endorse nor offer the product for any other use. 

  • Model: BRU-PAU-YTD-10
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
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