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SEVEN SISTERS Heirloom Pink Climbing Rose Double Pink


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The old heirloom rose, Seven Sisters is one of the favorite and best loved old roses in the South.  This vigorous growing hardy lady is often still found rambling her way around old homesteads and long forgotten fence right of ways and cemeteries.  She stands as a living testament to just making the best out of bad situations, as Seven Sisters is a long lived, hardy beauty that will find a way to survive, thrive and bloom her heart out where ever she is planted across a wide range of conditions.  She will endure poor soils, adapt to overgrown shade and survive periods drought, and somehow still burst out in clusters of densely doubled pink flowers from head to toe in the late spring to early summer. 

Seven Sisters is an oriental rose that is believed to have been brought from Japan in the early 1800s by Charles Greville, who was a patron of botany and President of the Royal Society of England.  This rose was also painted by the renowned. French artist, Pierre Jospeh Redoute. .

A grand Seven Sisters rose graces the Manor House of the Coton Manor Gardens in Northamptonshire England, and this gorgeous display has often been a favorite subject of many artists and photographers.

The name Seven Sisters may be a translation of the original Japanese name.  It is commonly noted that the name refers to seven flowers in each cluster.  However, the older botanical literature does not support this idea.  Instead, Seven Sisters is actually a reference to the varying shades of nearly red to mauve pink to white colors that make the bush appear to be various different pink shade roses all blooming at once.  The colors range in seven different shades from deep carmine, to creamy pink, rose pink, shades of purple and mauve and creamy white all within the same clusters and same flowers.  

A true Seven Sisters Rose' can be hard to find as it is often confused with other old Pink China roses such as tPink Pet, Old Bush, and The Fairy.  Although, all those are nice old roses, Seven Sisters is distinctive in the range of colors, riotous blooming, heady fragrance, and vigorous, tenacious hardiness.

This old rose is color plate from a fairy tale when it is in full bloom.  The approximate 3 inch flowers are dense and highly doubled in form, and hang in prolific multiple clusters of 3 to 10 blooms and buds to each cluster, and are highly fragrant.  The fragrance is romantic and fruity, and is discernible from several feet away, especially in the early morning.  Fragrance wanes as the day heats up.

This rose is a fast, quick to establish and vigorous grower.   It needs little more than an aggressive pruning when the bloom is done, and light feeding once or twice each year.  It can be prone to downy mildew at times, but generally self cures when weather conditions improve. The canes are quite thorny, so care is needed when pruning.  Prune soon after blooming to avoid cutting away the next season bloom. 

Available Size:

4 Inch Diameter Pot -

Mature well rooted starter size plant, growing and shipped in a 4 inch diameter pot.  Plant will be a minimum of about 6 to 8 inches tall and unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.

Botanical Name Rosa chinensis
Common Name Seven Sisters
Plant Family Rosaceae
Mature Size 10 ft x 10 ft
Growth Habit Climbing
Bloom Color Multiple shade of pink
Bloom Form Clusters
Bloom Time Spring
Water Needs Moderate until well established
Light Needs Full Sun to Light Shade
Zone 7,8, 9, 10, 11
Key Features Long bloom cycle, fragrant
Suggested Uses Trellis, Arbor, Standard












  • Plant in well drained soil, fertile soil.  Amend with high quality compost as needed.
  • Provide adequate irrigation
  • Feed a good quality bloom boosting plant food with the initial planting and twice yearly thereafter.
  • Prune often after flowering 3-4 per year to control shape and size and encourage flowering.
  • Mulch heavily in the early fall in cold clima

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