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Ajuga Perennial Ground Cover Plant Chocolate Chip Valfredda


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4 Inch Pots - Mature, full, well rooted starter size plants, growing and shipped in a 4 inch plastic pot.  This is prostrate ground cover, so expect full plants that mostly cover the pot.

Chocolate Chip Bugleweed is a type of Ajuga, which is a fairly large genus of the Mint or Lamiaceae Family, made up of predominately low growing, spreading ground cover plants with blue flowers. This particular cultivar was developed in Europe by Valfredda Nursery in Italy, where it is known as Ajuga x tenori or Valfredda. It has smaller, more narrow leaves than many other types in a dark olive toned green that blushes purple to chocolate brown.

Overall it grows lower, slower, and more dense, maturing at only about 2 to 4 inches tall, and is easier to contain, much better behaved, and more disease resistant than other types as well; is cold hardy (USDA Recommends Zones 4-9) and has a multitude of versatile and interesting uses.

Use Chocolate Chip Bugleweed as a low maintenance, easy care ground cover, a replacement for turf grass in shady areas, as edging and filler for paths and stepping stones, incorporate into mixed perennial beds, mixed garden pots, or raised planters or baskets. It is an excellent choice for the deeply shaded areas where other ground covers fail. Once well established it can be mowed and trimmed much as grass would be.

Masses of short spikey spires of medium to pale blue flowers appear in the late spring and make a truly stunning visual display. Although the plant will withstand foot traffic, well, when in bloom the flower spikes raise the overall height to 4 to 5 inches, which can be problematic in high traffic areas.

Flowers attracts butterflies and provides a nectar source for many species.

Botanical Name Ajuga x tenori
Common Name Bugleweed Chocolate Chip, Carpetweed or Valfredda
Plant Family Lamiaceae
Mature Size 2 to 4 inches
Bloom Color Blue
Bloom Form Sprie
Bloom Time Late Spring to early summer
Recomended for USDA Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Fragrance None
Key Features Low growing, low maintenance, prostrate ground cover
Suggested Uses Shade Ground cover, edging, filler, pots, walls, rock gardens, turf replacement
Grower Notes Leaf color intensifies in color weather and higher light levels.
4 inch starter size plants can be successfully planted directly into landscape.  Just prep the bed well, avoid late fall and winter planting in Zones 4-6, and closely monitor irrigation.

Chocolate Chip Bugleweed can be grown as a potted plant indefinitely.

For the best results with Chocolate Chip Bugleweed:


  • Plant in fertile, well draining soil. Amend planting area with high quality compost as may be needed.

  • Locate in light to dense shade. (Expect leaf color and bloom to decrease with light levels).

  • Space 6-9 inches apart for quick cover.

  • Best flowering and leaf color are in bright, but cool light. Locations that receive hot, direct sun should be avoided.

  • Supply supplemental irrigation. Plant is somewhat drought tolerant once very well established, but best appearance is with consistent soil moisture.

  • Reasonable pest and diease resistant. Monitor for signs of fungus during hot, humid, wet summer weather and treat accordingly.


Photo credit:  Photo #2 used under Creative Commons License Courtesy of Andy Korzun

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