Crapemyrtle Trees

At Emerald Goddess Gardens we consider crapemyrtles to be one of the best summer plants for southern landscapes and gardens.  There are few trees or large shrubs that are as versatile, colorful and easy to maintain.

Crapemyrtles were introduced into landscape cultivation in the southern United States about 150 years ago, and have since become popular favorites in Zones 7 to 9.

The Emerald Goddess Gardens Featured Plant  is a crapemyrtle named Twilight, which is a purple flowered, intermediate sized, early summer bloomer.  Twilight  is a somewhat smaller than average crapemyrtle.  It will reach a mature height of about 12′ to 15′ at most, or can be easily kept pruned at a lower height as a large hedge.   The flowers of Twilight are bright, vibrant and eye catching in multi tones of neon purple.
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