Crapemyrtle Trees

At Emerald Goddess Gardens we consider crapemyrtles to be one of the best summer plants for southern landscapes and gardens.  There are few trees or large shrubs that are as versatile, colorful and easy to maintain.

Crapemyrtles were introduced into landscape cultivation in the southern United States about 150 years ago, and have since become popular favorites in Zones 7 to 9.

The Emerald Goddess Gardens Featured Plant  is a crapemyrtle named Twilight, which is a purple flowered, intermediate sized, early summer bloomer.  Twilight  is a somewhat smaller than average crapemyrtle.  It will reach a mature height of about 12′ to 15′ at most, or can be easily kept pruned at a lower height as a large hedge.   The flowers of Twilight are bright, vibrant and eye catching in multi tones of neon purple.

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These are large, mature plants that are ready to be set out in the landscape.  They are packed one plant per carton and ship free by UPS Ground Service within the contiguous United States.

These interesting colorful trees are deciduous and go fully dormant in winter.  They begin to break their dormancy in the early spring and generally flowers will begin to show as early as May and continue into the early fall.  A large cluster of flowers (called a panicle or raceme) develops on the terminal end of each limb and is made up of hundreds of 1/2″ florets that have the crinkled consistency of crepe paper; hence the origin of the common name.  The range of available colors is very broad, including white, various shades of pink, purple, and recently developed true reds.  There are also bi-colored cultivars and some that change color with age.

The name is properly spelled as one word ‘crapemyrtle‘.  However, crape myrtle, crepe myrtle, and crepemyrtle are also frequent as common variations of the name.

Crapemyrtles are very fast vigorous growers through the spring and summer months, and will establish and gain height, generally several feet per year, until reaching maturity.   They also make a dramatic color statement when mass planted.   Their manageable size and long bloom period,  makes them well suited for small lots, medians, and other urban plantings.

Plant crapemyrtles in well drained soil in a sunny location.  Feed regularly through the growing season with a high quality slow release fertilize .  Prune for shape after blooming in the fall and stop feeding as the leaves begin to change color and drop.  In the colder areas of Zone 7, we recommended to prune lightly for shape early in the fall and postpone heavier pruning until the plant is breaking from dormancy in the early spring…although there are differing opinions about this.

There are many white, pink and purple heirloom varieties still frequently  found in old landscapes, however great advancements have been made in bloom size, color variations and disease resistance, making the newer cultivars the better landscape choice.  Check in often as many other colors will be coming soon.


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