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Bermuda Mystery Rose

Bermuda Mystery Rose

‘Stop to smell the roses ‘ is a cliche phrase that is meant to remind us to slow down and enjoy the world around us.

This is advice I agree with, but have to have forgotten to put it into practice over the past few months. For weeks now I’ve been immersed and obsessed with using this time while everyone is preparing for the Holidays and cooler weather to get this site well stocked and fully open for business by the Spring. For someone of my level of computer technical ability, it’s quite an undertaking. The learning curve continues to be daunting. I’ve barely taken notice of anything beyond the 16″ x 9″ square of this lap top monitor, including my own garden.

Gardens are like children. They do not pause their growth and development waiting on you to catch up. So, when I walked through mine a few days ago, I was appalled and discouraged by all that needed my attention. Pruning, weeding, mowing, mulching, spraying, dividing; every where I looked some undone task was waggling a scolding finger at me. Which, of course, set the stage to get a full blown pity party going.

By the time I turned to go back inside, that critical inner voice in my head was in full nag mode, and I was starting to feel the weight of being overwhelmed along with doubt in the path I’ve chosen and in my own abilities. But then I noticed…………..

I noticed that…… yes, the grass needs mowing, and, yes, it highly annoying that my shoulder hurts and I can’t start the equipment without help. But, then I noticed that my Garlic Vine did not seem to care.

Garlic Vine (Cydista aequinoctialis)

The vibrant, multi hued purple blossoms were not hiding in shame loath to show their lovely faces in such shabby surroundings. Instead the fence was alive with a gorgeous cascade of purple trumpets peeking from between deep glossy green leaves. It seemed to be preening in the early evening light and practically shouting ‘Look At Me’!

Perfune Delight Rose

Nearby a Perfume Delight Rose and her lovely mysterious bed mate (known only to us as Mystery) also did not find the untidy grounds so unappealing as to hide in protest.

The recent cool nights had brought them both out in all their glory. The sprinkling of small black spot blemishes on their foliage here and there brought on from the deluge of late season tropical rain was completely eclipsed by their stunning beauty.

Both roses seemed oblivious to the hardships of the long hot summer. They survived the heat, humidity as well as my neglect and seemed to be celebrating the victory. It was especially nice to see several large blooms on the Mystery as her elusive identity, tendency to grow slowly and bloom sporadically kept her from making the cut to be chosen for production.

The faithful, favorite guardians of back entry, two large White Golden Dew Drop Standards are badly in need in pruning and shaping and more than a little hungry at the moment.

White Golden Dew Drop (Duranta repens alba)

However, not being in their finest form did not deter them either. A bounty of pure white flowers and golden berries dripped like ornaments careful placed in anticipation of some grand celebration.

So, as my day ended, I was reminded that perhaps now for most of us, more than ever before, it is very easy, too easy, in fact, to stay focused on the deficits in our lives. We dwell on what is lacking, on a seeming endless list of undone tasks, on all that we have given up, on goals we have not yet achieved, on all that we have lost. So much so that we become completely blind to the beauty and the good that is right in front us.

I am happy this morning that I stopped for a bit to enjoy those fleeting moments of beauty and peace in my garden. Today the blooms are fading and falling petals litter the still untended path. But, I was able to find inspiration in that. The cycle will begin again, and in that realization (after hours of staring at a blinking cursor) I found inspiration and starting point to begin this blog.

As I bent to snap the photos for the blog, and caught the sweet and slightly spicy fragrance of the roses, it seemed the Garden was whispering to me just have faith, and that seemed to me to be a good thought to share.

~ Em



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  1. I wouldn’t have known the White Golden Dew Drop was in need of some tender loving care. It looks beautiful. This is the first time I have heard of it. Woud go well in our garden. Wonder if it has scent?

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