Japanese Blueberry Tree Eleocarpus Decipiens

Japanese Blueberry Tree – Eleocarpus Decipiens

Japanese Blueberry Bushes – Japanese Blueberry Trees

Japanese Blueberry Tree Plant

These are ideal for suburbs and provide a nice green foliage backdrop to your landscape and gardens. They are also great for use as small hedges.

Japanese blueberry bushes are fairly easy to care for. These evergreen trees produce small white flowers and bluish-black berries that follow blooming.

One of the greatest things about the fruit is that it does not stain driveways and walkways.

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Japanese Blueberry Bush
Japanese Blueberry Tree Sizes

The Japanese Blueberry Trees can grow to sizes of thirty to fifty feet in height and as wide as forty feet. This makes them extremely versatile when landscaping with the ability to trim as a hedge, bush or tree.

Planting Zones for Blueberry Trees

Recommended planting hardiness zones for the blueberry tree is from 8b to 11. Their variance of the zone requirements is very small. It needs soil that has a pH balance of between 6.6 to 7.8 and slightly alkaline or neutral. It does best when planted in full sun or partial shade.

Find your USDA Plant Hardness Zone Here.

Caring for Your Japanese Blueberry Bush

** Very Important Note Do not over water!

Maintain a regular watering schedule but avoid over watering. The soil should drain well to avoid standing water around the blueberry tree roots. Use a good fertilizer at the beginning of Spring to aid in health and growth.

The Japanese Blueberry Tree, or Japanese Blueberry Bush, is a great addition to any landscape. They are relatively easy to care for and are great as bushes, trees and even hedges.

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Japanese Blueberry Bushes – Japanese Blueberry Tree