Tropical Hibiscus Live Old Heirloom Rare Double Mauve Purple Marguerite

About Hibiscus Rosa Senisis – Hibiscus ‘Marguerite

Hibiscus Marguerite is an old heirloom cultivar that is seldom produced commercial now. It is a lovely, unusual, exotic shade of mauve lavender with a deeper burgundy colored throat. It is suitable for growing in tropical and sub tropical landscapes or as a potted plant for the porch, poolside, or patio.

Marguerite Hibiscus have the large, unique color in the flower of many exotics, but is a moderately strong and vigorous plant. It grows slightly slower than many landscape cultivars, but can be used in many applications where the slower growth is a desirable trait, and it will bloom in light shade.

Left unpruned, Marguerite will reach a mature height of about 2′ to 3′ , but is easy to maintain at lower heights. Frequent pruning is beneficial and helps the plant grower bushier and stronger.
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