We Love Trees!

Every garden or landscape needs a tree, and luckily there is a tree that is suitable for most every space.

Most are aware of the obvious benefits that trees provide; beauty, cleaning the air, providing shade, a source of food and wildlife habitat, branches to climb, bark to hold our initials for prosperity, strong limbs for our swings, graceful boughs for a picnic or a nap underneath.

Did you know?

  • Trees absorb pollutants from the air and water.
  • Insulate our home and reduce our heating and cooling costs.
  • Slow down storm runoff, reducing flooding, and improving water quality of rivers, streams and aquifers
  • Add tangible asset value to our homes and communities, encourage new settlers, businesses, and visitors to our towns and cities.
  • Improve our ability to concentrate and be productive
  • Help us to heal our bodies and spirits.
  • Reduce hostility, stress, and aggression
  • Reduce healing time and speed recovery from illness and fatigue..
  • Slow down average driving speed and incidents of road rage.
  • Foster and nurture our sense of history and community
  • Have thousands of uses in pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements

Planting trees is a wonderful and lasting way to celebrate and commemorate our lives.

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