Datura - Devils Trumpet

Daturas are species of about a dozen herbaceous short lived perennial tropical flowering shrubs. They are often confused with Brugmansias, and while they do have some characteristics in common, they are not the same.

Like the Brugmansias, the Daturas also bear large, trumpet shaped flowers that are highly fragrant at night, but the plants generally grow smaller and more shrub like than the Brugs. The flowers generally point upwards rather than hanging upside down.

Darturas are an ancient species surrounded by mystery, myth, misinformation and folk lore. One thing that is now an absolute confirmed modern scientific fact is that despite this species' long history of use as a part of religious sacraments and rituals in many ancient cultures, or information and misinformation available on the internet, all parts of this plant are highly toxic. Ingesting any part in any manner can result in serious illness, permanent disability or death. In our educated opinion experimenting with this plant for medicinal or spiritual enlightenment purposes is an extremely foolish and high risk activity.

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