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Emeralds TM Bougainvillea Plant SINGAPORE WHITE Large Mature Landscape Ready 10 Inch Pot

A mature, well developed and established plant, ready to be set out in the landscape within the recommend USDA Zone Range. Growing and shipped in a 10 inch diameter plastic pot. Singapore Whites best feature are the boughs of large, cool, elegant pure white flowers (bracts) that begin with a slightly greenish white tone and then fade to soft, pure white and last for weeks. Beautiful when mass planted, also makes an excellent outdoor potted plant. Singapore White is also known as Large Bract White, Alice Dupont and Ms Alice (tm). Bougainvillea are easy to grow and quick to establish. Their water requirements are low and they are very drought tolerant once they are well established, and makes them a landscape favorite in the South and Southwestern US. This cultivar is well suited for potted culture. For best results plant in well draining soil, feed and prune often.

  • Brand: Emerald Goddess Ga
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  • Model: 26-6KWS-HNPC
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  • Manufactured by: Emerald Goddess Gardens

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