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TOAD LILY Variegated Live Tropical Plant Shade Garden Tricyrtis Samurai Ground Cover Tiny Purple Flowers Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emeralds TM


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Tricyrtis is a small genus of the Liliaceae family that contains fewer than a couple of dozen cultivars. These interesting shade perennials are commonly called Toad Lillies, a common name that arose from elaborate hoax perpetrated on the world's scientific and anthropological communities in the 70's regarding the discovery of an aboriginal native tribe in the Philippines.

One of the embellishments of this story was that these natives rubbed the crushed leaves of a native tricyrtis species on their hands and arms as an attractant for toads they would catch barehanded for food.

Even though the hoax was later exposed, the common name of Toad Lily for the Tricyrtis stuck.

Tricyrtis formosana samurari is an interesting cultivar that has green leaves with a creamy gold toned variegation along the outer edge. It is perhaps the most widely planted type.

It blooms late in the summer and early fall with small, but infinitely interesting unique lily like spotted flowers with yellow throats that look somewhat like a lily, or perhaps a bit more like an orchid.

Toad Lilies are great plants for along shady paths or in pots on the porch or patio where the flowers can be admired and appreciated up close. The variegated in the strap, ladder like, evenly spaced, whorled leaves brings texture and light even when there are no flowers.

Despite its tropical and exotic appearance the toad lily is actually quite cold tolerant. Well established plants will come back up each spring from the rhizomes as far north as Zone 4.

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