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LAVENDER Lily of The Nile Agapanthus Live Plant Pale Purple Flower Spike Large Mature Landscape Ready 10 Inch Pot Emerald tm


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Agapanthus is a medium sized clumping lily that is native to Africa. They have wide strap leaves and produce an 8 to 10 inch ball shaped cluster of lavender flowers on a tall spike known as an umbel that stand  tall above the plant. 

Generally the bloom cycle begins in early summer and lasts for several weeks.

This lily is an excellent plant for filler in mixed beds or as a border, or accent.

Agapanthus is salt tolerant and quite drought tolerant once well established.

The bloom is long lasting and good for cut flowers, and is well suited for permanent potted culture.

Agapanthus is evergreen in Zone 9-10 and will generally resprout from the rhizomes in Zones 7 & 8, but should not be set out until the danger of severe frost and freeze has passed in the colder Zones.

Agapanthus is reproduced by seed, divisions and tissue culture. .

All parts of the Agapanthus are considered toxic.

Available Size:

10 Inch Pots

One mature, well rooted plant ready to be set out into the landscape within the recommended USDA Zone Range.

Plant is growing in and is shipped in a 10 inch diameter plastic pot and can be expected to be a minimum of about 12 to 18 tall.   Plants are unlikely to have buds or blooms when they first arrive.

Ships one (1) plant per carton by USPS or UPS depending on location.   Cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or the Protectorates.

Common Name Lily of the Nile
Botanical Name: Agapanthus africanus
Plant Family: Agapanthaceae
Mature Size: 3'x3'
Bloom Color: Lavender
Bloom Form: Umbel
Bloom Time: Late Spring thru mid summer
Zone: 8, 9,10, 11
Fragrance: None
Water Needs: Moderate
Light Needs: Full sun to filtered shade
Key Features: Easy to grow, low maintenance
Suggested Uses: Borders, Mixed Beds, Accent

For the best results with Agapanthus africanus:

  • Plant in well draining, fertile soil.
  • Locate in the full sun or dappled shade.
  • Feed a good quality slow release bloom boosting plant food twice yearly
  • Protect from frost and freeze through the first season.

  • Model: AGAP-AFRI-LNL-10L
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  • Manufactured by: Emerald Goddess Gardens

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