DRAGON FRUIT Hylocereus undatus Pitahaya Plant Starter Size 4 Inch Pot

DRAGON FRUIT Hylocereus undatus Pitahaya Plant Starter Size 4 Inch Pot
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Available Size: 4" diameter plastic pot, with a plant a minimum of  12    inches tall, unlikely to have bloom, bud or fruit at the time of shipping.

Botanical Name: Hylocereus undatus

Common Name: Dragon Fruit, Pitahaya, Pitaya

Botanical Name

Hylocerus undatus

Common Name

Dragon Fruit, Pitahaya, Pitaya

Plant Family  Cactaceae
Mature Size  10 ft to 20 ft. x 10 ft.
Growth Habit  Pendulous Lateral and Upright
Bloom Color  Greenish white and yellow
Bloom Form  Large Open Multi Petaled
Bloom Time  Cyclical Nocturnal
Water Needs  Minimal
Light Needs  Best fruiting in full sun
Zone  10, 11 (9 with cold protection)
Key Features  Unique Unusual Edible Fruit, Interesting Texture, Growth
Suggested Uses

 Specimen, Edible Garden, Houseplant















About Dragon Fruit:

Also known as Pitahaya or Thanh long (Vietnamese for Green Dragon), Strawberry Pear, and Neanettika Fruit, Hylocereus undatas  is a unique and unusual cactus like succulent that produces a large showy greenish white night blooming fragrant flower that is followed by a red cased, edible, mildly sweet fruit. It is native to Central and South America, and is cultivated in many warm climate areas, grown primarily for the nutrient rich fruit.  The common name comes from the large scale like red skin of the fruit.

The Dragon Fruit Plant grows in long, pendulous succulent branches lined with moderately fine, soft, flexible spines. The growth habit is both lateral and upright.

Dragon Fruit Plants are often anchored to sturdy supports and grown as small upright trees with the long, club shaped branches twisting about a central stem, or cascading over a fence or wall. 

Along with their unique and interesting growth habit comes the ability to not only produce a tasty, antioxidant rich fruit, but also large, showy saucer sized multi petaled cups in shades of green tinted creamy white to pale ivory yellow. The flowers are large, lush, fragrant and only open at night.

Fruit begins to set about 30 to 50 days after flowering.  A mature plant will typically flower several times each year. The fruit is typically large grapefruit sized ovals that a covered by a thick, scale like bright red skin, the mildly sweet white pulp is attractively sprinkled with nutrient rich small black seed

For the best results with the Hylocereus undatus Dragon Fruit Plant:

  • Select a location in full sun

  • Amend soil to be loose and very well drained

  • Take care not to over water

  • Spray to prevent bacterial and fungal rot in periods of heavy rainfall and high humidity.

  • Provide a sturdy support.

  • Protect from frost and freeze



 Hylocereus undatus Dragon Fruit Plant


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