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PURPLE Ground Orchid Plant Terrestrial Philippine Spathoglottis Ground Cover Shade Garden Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald Goddess Gardens TM


Terrestrial or Ground Orchids do not required the special media and conditions of other epiphyte orchids (meaning the ones whose native habit is to grow on the sides of trees in the rain forests). 

These will do very well planted right into the ground, they are not finicky or fussy and will quickly naturalize.  This group of orchids is native to Southeastern Asia and the Philippine Islands and has become wildly popular in southern United States over recent years.  This one has been a popular pass along for many years.  It is another of those old plants that is now seemingly suddenly new again. 

Ground Orchids have very pretty veined, strapped, lily like leaves.  They are constant bloomers throughout the warm season and come in a wide variety of colors. 

The flowers of Ground Orchids are born on long stems that wave above the plant and have a classic orchid shape in a miniature form, complete with the small spots and speckles.  They are semi-tropical, and must be protected from freezing temperatures. However, in cold climates they are easy to grow in pots so they can be wintered over indoors.

The flowers of this one are varying shade of lavender and purple.

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