Em's Antique Heirloom Rose Bundle 5 Pack

Em's Antique Heirloom Rose Bundle 5 Pack
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Start your antique rose garden off perfectly with these must have heirloom roses. Over the years, we have collected dozens of heirloom roses and continue growing these select varieties today. This 5 pack bundle includes our favorite 5 roses best known for their easy to grow nature and/or spectacular blooms. All roses from Emerald Goddess Gardens are own root. 

This 5 pack bundle includes 1 Lady Banks White Rose, 1 Clotilde Soupert Rose, 1 Caldwell Pink Rose, 1 Seven Sisters Rose, and 1 Martha Gonzales Rose. With this collection you can expect to obtain a full spectrum of color from warm white to deep red and every shade of pink in between. 

Lady Banks White - Lady Banks is a wonderful old climbing species rose. It produces enormous boughs and cascades of white
flowers in the spring. She is a memorable and traffic stopping spectacle when in glorious full flower. This rose grows large and is aggressive, so plant it out where you want quick cover on an arbor, fence line or shed. It is especially nice to use for these areas because it is thornless. The foliage grows dense and tight with sharp pointed lance shaped leaves of medium green. It blooms annually in the spring, with the bloom period lasting 4-6 weeks, depending on temperatures. Individual blooms are small.

Clotilde Soupert - The Heirloom Old Garden Rose Clotilde Soupert was introduced in 1890 in Luxembourg by the well known rose breeders Jean Soupert and Pierre Notting. Clotilde grows up to be a 3 to 4 ft tall, full, dense shrub and produces clusters of flowers typical of her class. The flowers are very fully doubled and cupped. It is highly fragrant having a sweet typical 'old rose' scent. The high fragrance is not common in this class of rose. The blooms are large for a polyantha, about 3-4 inches across. It has the added attraction of producing almost thorn-less canes, although it is mildly thorny on the old growth and central stem. This beautiful lady asks only be planted in a fertile well drained soil and fed regularly, and true to her China rose lineage she will reward the gardener with boughs of richly scented, long lasting blooms. The flowers are creamy white (think of an old bridal gown) with a blush pink center. The pink color is deeper in cooler weather and when the plant is well fed. This rose is moderately easy to grow, as it is very disease resistant and requires little spraying. 

Caldwell Pink - Caldwell Pink is a versatile, hardy and all around outstanding shrub rose. It is a reliable, prolific, repeat bloomer, bearing bountiful clusters of lilac pink, densely doubled flowers begininning in mid spring and lasting until mid fall. The bush has excellent disease resistance and heat tolerance, will withstand winter temps into Zone 5B and although it performs best in fertile, amended soil, it will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, including slightly alkaline clay. It can be used in the landscape in a variety of ways, making a fine hedge row, drift and mass planting, individual planted or potted specimen.

Seven Sisters - A true 'Seven Sisters' can be hard to find as it is often confused with other old Pink China Roses such as Pink Pet, Old Bush, and The Fairy. Although, all those are nice old roses, Seven Sisters is distinctive in the range of colors, riotous blooming, heady fragrance, and vigorous, tenacious hardiness. This old rose is color plate from a fairy tale when it is in full bloom. The approximate 3 inch flowers are dense and highly doubled in form, and hang in prolific multiple clusters of 3 to 10 blooms and buds to each cluster, and are highly fragrant. The fragrance is romantic and fruity, and is discernible from several feet away, especially in the early morning, and wanes as the day
heats up. It is a fast, quick to establish and vigorous grower that needs little more than an aggressive pruning when the bloom is done, and light feeding once or twice each year. It can be prone to downy mildew at times, but generally self cures when weather conditions improve. The canes are quite thorny, so care is needed when pruning. Prune soon after blooming to avoid cutting away the next season bloom.

Martha Gonzales - Martha Gonzales is a Texas native rose known for its easy going growth habit and rewarding red flowers. This cultivar was found growing in the garden of a woman living in Texas and was named after her shortly after being pushed into large scale cultivation. This rose is an interesting addition to any rose garden as it maintains a small, low growing size and has an extended blooming period from April to November. Martha Gonzales is a thorned rose, but does not produce many large or aggressive thorns. This rose's foliage has a soft burgundy hue that makes it easily recognizable among other varieties. Over time, this rose has grown to be a popular staple in rose gardens. Martha Gonzales can be mass planted to give a beautiful effect while blooming and serve to direct foot traffic as a mild deterrent. To keep this rose beautiful year round, trim blooms away as they expire. Pruning during winter can encourage regrowth as a full shrub when growth begins in spring. 

Please note that we cannot make substitutions in this bundle. 

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