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TAMARA Croton Plant Green, Cream, White


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The Tropical Croton Tamara is an unusual and lesser known hybrid croton cultivar.  It is believed to a more compact version of the old Eburnum variety.

This croton has several very nice attributes that make it particular desireable.  The large, narrow, pointed leaves have a interesting waffled texture and wavy along the outer edge.  The body of the leaf is heavily varigated with an intricate patchwork of gray green, medium green, white and cream. 

Although it grows smaller, tighter and more compact than the old Eburnums, it is still a relatively large growing croton that will eventually reach a mature height of around 4 feet or more.  So, it makes a very nice addition to mixed bed. The pattern, definition and brightness of the color will vary seasonally, with the age of the leaves, as well as with variations in available light, temperature and nutrition.  Some degree of the varigation is almost always present regardless of these factors, which makes Tamara a good choice for bringing light, texture and interest into shaded corners and other problem areas.. It also acclimates easily to being grown indoors, and is a great low litter choice for porches, patios and pool decks.

Available Size:

One (1) Well rooted, starter size plant growing and shipped in a 4 inch diameter plastic pot.  Plant will be a minimum of about 6 to 8 inches tall and unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.


Botanical Name: Codiaeum vareigatum 
Common Name: Tamara Croton
Plant Family:  Euphorbiaceae
Mature Size:  3 ft. x 3 ft.
Bloom Color: Beige
Bloom Form: Nondescript
Bloom Time: Random
Zone:  9,10,11
Fragrance:  None
Water Needs:  Moderate
Light Needs: Light Shade
Key Features: Colorful Foliage, Slow Growth, Manageable Size
Suggested Uses:  Anchor, Specimen, Potted, Mass Planting


Direct planting of plugs or 4 inch starter sizes is not recommended.  For the best results we suggest potting those into larger pots and allowing them to grow larger before setting out.  When the new pot has filled with roots and the plant has grown larger, then here a few hints for successful growing within the recommened USDA Zone Range.

  • Plant in well draining, fertile, slightly acidic soil
  • Locate in lightly filtered shade 
  • Prune when young and actively growing to encourage branching
  • Feed a good quality slow acid producing plant food in the Fall.  (Fertilize formulated for gardenias, hibiscus, citrus and azaleas also work well for crotons)
  • Protect from frost and freeze.
  • Feed a good quality bloom boosting plant food slow release plant food in the early spring to encourage blooming.
  • Protect from frost and freeze until very well established.



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