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VARIEGATED RUBBER TREE Ficus Elastica Colorful Variegated Foliage Indoor or Outdoor Live Tropical Plant Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald Tm


The Ficus elastica species of rubber tree is most often seen as an interior container plant. However, its natural growth habit is as a large tree.

It is native to the rain forest and will reach heights of 100 feet or more in its native habitat. However, in North America in ground planting typically reach about 25 to 40 feet in the average landscape planting. It is sometimes grown as a hedge, or buffer planting.

The variegated rubber tree has strikingly colored large broad leaves. The color ranges from light to dark green with white to cream mottling and margins. The new growth has a pink tint, giving a tri-color effect.

For interior planting, provide good quality full spectrum lighting for the best color results. It can be grown as standard tree on a single trunk or pruned and shaped to be a bush.

This is a very attractive, easy to grow, low maintenance, albeit somewhat short term plant house plant. It is also a fine specimen for the patio or poolside, as it does not shed leaves heavily. Expect, however, that it will eventually grow too large for indoor use.

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