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INDIA RUBBER Flowering Tropical Vine Live Plant Lavender Purple Bloom Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald TM


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Cryptostegia grandifolia or Rubber Vine is a vigorous growing tropical shrub/vine that is native to Madagascar. At one time it was cultivated there and later in India to produce a poor quality rubber latex. This fast growing tendriled vine blooms prolifically in warm climates with masses of large, showy tubular shaped purple flowers with 5 spreading lobes. The leaves are thick, waxy, attractive dark green well veined pointed ovals. Although it is commonly called a Purple Allamanda, it is a part of the Asclepiadaceae family, and not an allamanda. This vine has many beautiful ornamental uses, as it provides quick cover for a trellises and fences, or quick shade for an arbor, and non stop bloom nearly all year in the tropics and subtropics. It is easy grow and establishes quickly, and is very pest and disease resistant, but should be grown responsibly by pruning prior to the setting of seed to avoid having it spread into unintended areas. All parts of the Rubber Vine are toxic. The milky sap can cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals. Due to invasive concerns, this plant cannot ship to be shipped to Hawaii.

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