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Honeysuckle Vine GOLD FLAME Plant Fragrant Coral Yellow Spring Flowers Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald R


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Honeysuckle is one of the best known and widely grown plants in the United States.   Gold Flame or Goldflame is old garden staple honeysuckle.  Expert sources have varying opinions on the original parentage of this plant.  Most sources go with Lonicera x heckrottii  as do we.  We will leave the debate as to whether it's correctly Lonicera x heckrottii  or [×americana × sempervirens] and whether Gold Flame is an improved version of Goldflame or just a correction of the name to others to settle.   It's very popular, well-loved,  versatile, showy, prolific blooming, easy to grow and quick to establish vine by any definition. 

Dense clusters of fat, tubular, coral-colored buds that spring open to reveal a heart of sunset gold and pink-streaked petals beginning in late Spring, continuing sporadically through the summer and peaking again in the Fall.  Opinions also differ widely regarding fragrance.   We find it to have a clear, clean moderate fragrance up close, but it does not waft and permeate the entire or garden in the way that a Japanese Honeysuckle does.

Its best and general use is for quick cover for a fence, trellis, archway, or any support.  It can also be used as a ground cover and is a great plant for habitat use.  

It will grow in almost any soil, is very drought tolerant once it is established, and does not require much care aside from frequent pruning to keep in check.  In can be prone to powdery mildew in some locations, but avoiding overwatering and overcrowding is key to reducing this risk.  

Some species of Lonicera are restricted in some locations.  Please verify suitability for your location prior to ordering. 


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