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CONFEDERATE COTTON Rose Hibiscus Mutablis Plant Shrub Flowers Pink Turns White Blooms Summer Fall Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald Tm

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Hibiscus mutablis, commonly called Confederate or Cotton Rose is a woody, large growing, tree-like shrub, with light green, hand sized, rough textured, serrated leaves. that has enjoyed immense popularity throughout the South for most of the 20th Century.

Though commonly called a rose, this interesting bush is actually a type of hibiscus, and is distantly related to the cotton plant. The botanical name means changeable and refers to the unique and interesting variations of color in the large rose like flowers.

It is unique, interesting and steeped in history and folk lore,. The plant is native to ancient China, and likely made its way to America through the same oriental trade routes that brought us many other wonderful and exotic things.

Big double blooms are born on an upright, open, multi-trunked bush,and begin to appear in late Summer to early Fall. The flowers begin pure white and end as a deep rose red, often with in the same day. The bloom season is long, lasting until the nights cool and plants enter dormancy, so there are generally flowers of different shades and hues present at the same time.

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