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APRICOT GLOW Abutilon Live Shrub Plant Hybrid Flowering Maple Chinese Lantern Unique Yellow Red Bloom Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald Tm


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The Apricot Glow Abutilon is an attractive semi-tropical flowering shrub with large, palm sized, maple shaped leaves that grow to a mature heights of about 3 to 5 feet on average and produces pretty, unusua,l upside down hanging, papery textured, flared bell shaped flowers, hence the common names of Flowering Maple, Chinese Lantern.and Chinese Bellflower. 
It is one of group of hybrids from the Albutilon genus of about 200 species, mostly native to the tropics and sub-tropics, and is a member of the Malvaceae family.

In Europe Abutilons are often commonly called Room or House Maples as they were once a favorite and popular houseplant in the Victoria period, but fell out fashion.  However, in recent years they have regained popularity with the introduction of smaller growing and different colored hybrids, and are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use.  

The showy, papery textured flowers begin to appear as fat, drooping buds in the early to mid summer, and slowly open into upside down hanging bells in a pretty shade of apricot blushed yellow with brightly contrasting ruby red veins and sepals, as well as a seldom noticed bright ruby red throat.  

Uses include planting en masse, in a hedge row,  as a backdrop for other plants, incorporating into mixed perennial or tiered beds, or growing as a potted plant.  It will grow in full sun, but performs best in light shade, and can be acclimated to grow indoors, but may require supplemental light to flower. 

Botancial Name Abutilon hybridum Apricot Glow
Common Name Flowering Maple Chinese Lantern Chinese Bellflower
Plant Family  Malavaceae
Mature Size 3 to 5 feet
Growth Habit  Upright Bushy
Bloom Color  Yellow Red
Bloom Form  Flared Bell
Bloom Time  Warm Season
Water Needs  Moderate
Light Needs  Best in light shade
Special Features Easy to grow, unusual showy flowers
Zone  8, 9
Suggested Uses  Mixed perennial, potted culture, mass planting

Here are a few tips for the best results with your new Albutilon plant:


  • Plant it in fertile, well draining, neutral to slightly acidic soil.

  • Locate in light shade (Deep shade will result in a weak spindled plant with few flowers.)

  • Supply supplemental irrigation.

  • Feed a high quality slow release fertilize 2 x yearly.

  • Prune after flowering to shape and control size.

  • Protect from cold for the longest life and earliest bloom. (Generally root hardy in Zone 8 once well established.

Abutilon hybridum - Apricot Glow Flowering Maple Chinese Lantern

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