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FOETIDA Passion Passiflora Vine Live Plant Lace Bud Purple Blue Flowers Shade Garden Attract Butterflies


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Passiflora foetida is a fast growing, creeping, tendriled, fruiting vine that is native to the Southwestern United States, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. It has become naturalized in other tropical areas such as Southeast Asia and Hawaii and other parts of the Southern United States, such as Florida and Texas.

It is also known by the several common names, including, Lace Bud, Wild Water Lemon, Maracuja, Marya Marya, Fetid Passion Flower, Stinking Passion Flower, Santo Pappa, Love-in-A-Mist, and Running Pop.
The latin name foetida literally translates as fetid, or stinking. The origin of the name lies in the aroma of the foliage if it is crushed. The flowers have light pleasant citrus like scent.

It is a self pollinating fruiting species of passion vine that bears a ping pong ball sized, rounded yellow orange to red edible fruit with a delicate, blandly sweet taste.

The flowers are small, dainty and delicate as compared to other species of passion vines, opening as a pale lavender toned shade of pink and fading to creamy white as they age, and emerge from pointed pale green buds that unfurl into unique and unusual frilled sepals to form a lace-like collar fringing the bloom.

This cultivar is very popular with butterfly gardeners as it is a host to several species such as Gulf Fritillary, Zebra Heliconian, and Julia.

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