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Allamanda Vine STANSILLS DOUBLE Plant Tropical Sunny Yellow Flowers 4 Inch Pot


Botanical Name: Allamanda williamsi
Common Name: Brown Bud
Mature Size: 4 to 10 ft
Growth Habit: Open, caning, vine-like
Bloom Color: Bright, sunny yellow
Bloom Period: Warm Season
Bloom Form: Bell shaped Double
Water: Moderate until well established
Light: Full sun to very light shade
USDA Zone Recommendation: 9, 10, 11 with cold protection
Fragrance: No
Uses: Specimen, feature, focal point.
Special Features: Carefree, easy to grow
Grower Notes: All parts of this plant, especially the latex sap are toxic.
About the plant you will receive:
One (1) well rooted, mature, starter size plant
Growing and shipped in a 4 inch diameter plastic pot
Plant will be a minimum of about 6 to 8 inches tall
For the best results repotting and growing larger before setting out is recommended
Suitable to grow outdoors in Zones 10, 11 (Zone 9 with cold protection) elsewhere grow as an annual or winter over indoors.

Bright….sunny….cheerful, are all good adjectives to describe Allamandas. The rich yellow colors of the profuse bell shaped flowers echo the shades of the tropical summer sun. The plant is an outstanding tropical shrub that requires little care and thrives in hot humid climates. In the tropics, Allamandas bloom through out the year. They are native to Brazil, but are cultivated through out the tropics. There are several different cultivars, some with smaller bushier growth habits, and some other colors.

Stansill's Double is an old cultivar that never gained much traction in the commercial market due to difficulties in supporting large plants to avoid breakage during transport. This is a shame because it is among the easiest to grow, and most profuse bloomers of the species.

Once well established, it requires little more than pruning to keep in contained and yearly fertilization to reward the grower with an abundance of rich golden golden double yellow trumpets which are born at the terminal ends of the long arching, vine like canes.

The plant has a loose vine-like growth habit. However, it must be secured to any support as it does not put out tendrils and climb like a true vine. Nonetheless, these are very attractive on fences and trellises. Although they can be grown as open unsupported sprawling shrubs, in my opinion, they look their best with some supporting structure. Unchecked, this plant can easily reach heights of more than 6 ft., but are easily pruned to manageable size.

Allamandas will thrive in a wide range of soils, but prefer soil ranging from neutral to slightly acid ph. Highly alkaline soils can cause some nutritional issues.
They are hardy outdoors in zones 9 & South. Brief exposure to temps below freezing can cause them to defoliate. In colder regions they are grown as annuals, or potted and wintered over indoors.

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