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JUANULLOA Gold Finger Bush Vine Live Plant Rare Tropical Orange Flowers Attract Hummingbirds Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald TM


Juanulloa mexicana or aurantica is a rare and uncommon colorful blooming vine-like tropical epiphyte (orchid like) shrub that is native to South America, and an absolute must have for any tropical plant collector or gardener, who is drawn to the different, unique, unusual and exotic. Its home outside of the native rainforest habitat is typically in a Botanical Garden or Conservatory.

It is commonly called Goldfinger Bush or Vine because of the resemblance of the elongated, elliptical shaped golden orange buds to fingers. The opening up of the buds is a long cycle that takes several weeks to complete, making the plant a very showy and attention getting garden centerpiece.

The plant grows lush and full quickly in the warm season, with long, arching, vine-like canes, but enters semi dormancy in the Winter. It will not climb on its own, but can be trained to a trellis or other support easily.

This is a great plant for Hummingbird and Butterfly Gardens as the flowers are a rich and long lasting nectar source, but not a favored host plant for butterfly eggs or larvae.

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