EVERGREEN WISTERIA Millettia reticulata Vine Plant Purple Flower

EVERGREEN WISTERIA Millettia reticulata Vine Plant Purple Flower
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Millettia reticulata or Evergreen Wisteria is a lovely semi-tropical fragrant flowering vine. It is commonly called Evergreen Wisteria because the dense clusters of bright purple pea shaped blossoms resemble Chinese Wisteria. However it is not the same species, nor is it evergreen throughout its recommended Zone Range.

In the more tropical reaches of its comfort Zone, through an average winter, the foliage remains affixed and green all year, but in 8 and 9A (and further south under the right conditions) it will drop the leaves, go dormant and resprout from the roots come Spring. Millettia reticulata is much better behaved than Wisteria seninsis and can also be counted on to actually bloom in the Zones where romantic boughs of Wisteria drooping about will remain an unattainable fantasy.

Evergreen Wisteria has elongated, slender oval leaves that grow dense and closely spaced along woody stems and fine branches, and to every gardeners absolute delight, deep amethyst colored flowers begin to emerge in mid summer when most other plants have stopped even making token efforts at flowers in the unrelenting heat of Summer in the South and continue into the early Fall.

Available Size

4 Inch Pots - Mature, well rooted starter size plants, growing and shipped in a 4 inch plastic pot, plant will be a minimum of about 8 to 10 inches tall and unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.

Botanical Name Millettia reticulata
Common Name Evergreen Wisteria
Plant Family Fabaceae
Mature Size 20 to 30 feet
Bloom Color Purple
Bloom Form Cluster Pea Shaped
Bloom Time Summer to Fall
Zone 8, 9, 10
Fragrance Yes
Key Features Easy to grow, blooms in mid to late summer, not invasive
Suggested Uses Fence, arbor, trellis
Grower Notes Not evergreen in all locations


Direct planting of 4 inch starter size plants is not recommended, so for the best results with your new plant, we recommend it be repotted and allowed to grow larger before setting out in a tropical to subtropical landscape. 

When the new pot has filled with roots and the plant is larger, then here a few hints for successful growing in the landscape in Zones 9, 10, and 11.  can be grown as a potted plant indefinitely.

  • Plant in fertile well draining, slightly acidic soil soil in the full sun. Amend with high quality organic material as needed.
  • Locate in full sun to very lightly dappled shade.
  • Provide supplemental irrigation.
  • Feed a good quality, slow release, bloom boosting fertilize with the initial planting and twice yearly in the early Spring and early Fall thereafter. 
  • Supplement with a water soluble plant food in between feeding.
  • Prune lightly and often when young to encourage branching and after flowering to promote uniform shape and control size.
  • Protect from frost and freeze.






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