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LIONS TAIL Tropical Landscape Hibiscus Unusual Flower Red Peach


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Tropical Hibiscus are attractive flowering shrubs suitable for tropical climates, they have perhaps the largest variation of bloom color of any species; there are literally thousands, with new hybrids constantly being introduced.

One of the more interesting, unusual and unique cultivars in El Capitola and El Capitola Sport which are also known as Lions Tail , Poodle Tail ior Pom Pom. 

This is an older cultivar descended from Hibiscus schizopetalus, and is thought to have been discovered in Cuba in the 1950's as a sport (a naturally occurring genetic anomally).

The flowers are dense doubles with an interesting tuft of triple layered petals that wrap the stamen and hang from the center of the main body of the bloom. At a later point in time the red sport, produced a branch with an orange flower (thus the name sport of sport).

The unique flowers of are prolifically born on a strong, sturdy bush with a vigorous upright growth habit. The leaves are dark green with dark burgundy veins and sharply serrated edges. The plant has a high degree of disease resistance and is drought tolerant and long lived. It is often found growing wild on abandoned lots and homesteads across the Deep South.

This cultivar makes nice single trunk standard tree forms

Available Size: 4 Inch diameter plastic pot, with a plant a minimum of 6 to 10 inches tall, unlikely to have bloom or bud at the time of shipping.

Available in Red or Peach Orange. Pick Color from the drop down menu. 

Plant Family Malvaceae
Mature Size 6 ft x 6 ft
Bloom Color  Peach Pastel Orange
Bloom Form  Tufted Double
Bloom Time Perpetual
Zone 10, 11
Fragrance None
Key Features  Unusual Flower
Suggested Uses Specimen, potted, accent, hedge

For the best results:

  • Plant in well draining, fertile, slightly acidic soil
  • Locate in the full sun
  • Prune for shape after flowering
  • Feed a good quality slow release bloom boosting plant food twice yearly
  • Protect from frost and freeze.


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