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Emeralds TM AFRICAN Japanese IRIS Plant Fortnight Lily Dietes iridioides White Blue 4 Inch Pot


Dietes iridioides or African Iris are evergreen lily like perennials with long, stiff, leathery sword-like leaves. They grow in fan shape similar to daylilies and spread from rhizomes into good sized 2 ft clumps. These are also called Japanese Iris or Fortnight Lilies. In the Spring they bloom atop long stalks that extend up and out of the central body of the plant. The flowers are lived, lasting only a day or two at most, and are the classic 3 petals and 3 sepal configuration of most all iris in milky white with a small brown dotted pattern near the center, bright yellow markings on each of the large petals and a bright blue stigma rising from the center. Bloom begins to appear early in the subtropical spring in late January to February when few things are showing color. Iridiodes is one several types of this iris that are native to South Africa. It is thought to be one of the oldest members of the Irideae family. The African Iris is an easy to care for, versatile plant that can easily made a part of any garden from Zone 8 to 11. It can be used as filler in mixed perennial beds, mass planted for a striking Spring statement, used as a low hedge to accent a wall or fence line. This iris will eventually put down a deep root system which makes it drought tolerant once well established, and so a good choice for embankments and berms where erosion control is needed. It will tolerant a wide range of soil conditions and adapt to soils that are consistently moist like creek banks and pond edges.

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