Shipping Information



Emerald Goddess Gardens Shipping Notes & Terms of Sale



Our Promise To You:

  • Your plant will viable and healthy.
  • The average size, species and/or cultivar that is described.
  • Your order will be carefully & securely packaged.
  • And is guaranteed to the address on the order safely and in good and healthy condition.

Ship To Destinations:

We are fully licensed and certified to ship anywhere within the United States.


Generally, listed plants are in inventory, and available for immediate shipment.  We might ocassionally have an error in inventory management that would result in an out of stock situation, but rarely, and we will let you know right away.

Combined Shipping:

Discounts for combining items whenever and however possible for the lowest cost will automatically calculate at checkout.  We cannot make adjustments to orders after checkout.

Winter Shipments:

We recommend that those in colder zones wait until there is little danger of frost and freeze to order. There is significant risk of cold damage to tropical and subtropical species when shipping into cold regions in the winter months, however, we will ship your order at the time you specify and package it as securely as is possible.

If you would like to place an advance order with delayed shipping, then please just email us and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Typically orders will be shipped within one to three days of receipt Monday thru Friday to most destinations.  Shipments going cross country that are processed on Thursday or Friday, sometimes cannot safely go into transit before the following Monday.  

Shipping Time:

  • We ship orders out quickly.
  • Priority Mail is sent Mon-Fri except postal holidays, or during bad weather.
  • Items shipped by UPS to some locations can only be shipped on Monday and Tuesday.

Packaging for Shipping:

We have been shipping plants for many years. Your plant will be carefully inspected, well prepared, carefully packaged for the journey to the new home.

Shipping Methods:

  • We will select the best carrier to get your plant to your
  • Expedited shipping is available.
  • Please note that carriers no longer accept special handling notes or instructions.

Shipping for a Gift:

  • Just put in the address you wish the plant shipped to.
  • Shipments always include a packing list with the contents but no pricing.
  • Gift wrap and messages are available on request. 

Shipping Delays:

The following will cause extended handling time:

  • Postal Holidays
  • Payments flagged or held by the Payment Processor for any reason.
  • Weather extremes. If we feel the risk of damage to your plants is high we will postpone your shipment.  We will keep you updated on the status.

Limited Warranty:

Your plant will be well prepared, packaged securely for the trip, and guaranteed to arrive to you safely in good, healthy, viable condition. In the unlikely event your order is lost or damaged in shipping, we will, at our option, either refund or replace your plants.

Some minor damage in shipping is to be expected, and is not considered to be a defect. Shippers can sometimes handle cargo roughly, however, your plants will be well packaged and protected to every extent possible and guaranteed to arrive alive in good condition. A few things are just inherent in shipping live plants, they are normal, expected, temporary, and not considered to a defect in the product, so please note:

  • A few branches may be broken. It's ok, they will grow back.
  • Some leaves may turn yellow and fall off. It's ok, they will grow back.
  • A few spots may appear on the leaves. It's ok, light and fresh air will cure the problem

Any issues with your order will be handled quickly and courteously, but it is important that you let us know the day the shipment arrives, document the problem with a photo and brief explanation.  Failure to  notify us with 24 hours of problem with the condition of the plant on arrival voids this warranty.   Please contact us directly through our email at

If necessary, we will, at our option, either replace or refund the order. Claims for shipping related issues made more than 24 hours following delivery may be rejected. Because plants are perishable, living things and we cannot control the environment or care they receive once they arrive to their new homes, we are not able to guarantee the survival or growth of plants after they are delivered and planted.

We guarantee plants to be the species and cultivar as described in the listing, within recognized industry tolerances.  Plants are guaranteed to arrive to their destination in good and healthy condition.  No other warranties or guarantees of survival, growth, or fitness for any particular purpose are expressed or implied.  

Remedy under this warranty is strictly limited to the replacement of the merchandise or refund of the purchase price, at our discretion.

Our liability under this warranty, is strictly limited to the purchase price of the plant(s).  Under no circumstances shall we be liable or for damages in excess of the purchase price or for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages.

Placement of the order and acceptance of the merchandise constitutes acceptance of these terms. 


Return shipping of perishable, live plants is generally not feasible, or allowed under the policies of our state regulators, therefore returns cannot be accepted.   In the event of serious, verified, transit damage as outlined in the Limited Warranty above, a return is generally not required.

Plant Toxicity:

We recommend that all ornamental plants be treated as potentially toxic. Sensitivity to certain plants can vary greatly from individual to individual.  

Toxicity information generally known within the horticultural trade or gardening circles, if known, is sometimes provided for reference and informational purposes only.  Medical and/or Horticultural experts should be consulted for reliable, scientifically validated, detailed or emergency information. 

Generally, with a few exceptions of traditional, main stream plants bearing common edible types of fruit, plants sold by Emerald Goddess Gardens are intended for use as an ornamental, decorative items only.  Emerald Goddess Gardens does not recommend, endorse nor offer the product for any other use.